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NobleHeart Productions was formed in 1997 by Sacha Shawky to

create informative and thought provoking content for the global viewer.

NobleHeart Productions is committed to giving a voice to people and ideas

that shape our world and explore the possibilities of a world to come. 


Ms. Shawky’s experience as a producer, writer and director includes work

in distance learning platforms, live and remote location as well as in studio

programming and interactive media. 


She is able to incorporate her strong production background into

high production quality. 


Her most recent project is the graphic mixed media documentary film,

Pretty Well Fed Up, America's Sit In Movement.

She is currently in production on We Are She, a series on the role of

government in the lives of women across the globe.






Pretty Well Fed Up, America's Sit In Movement


Web based National Science Foundation projects in underserved

communities in the Delta, coastal Maine and Michigan.


Coolidge Corner Cinema Award

The Man Who Writes With Light, a short on cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Waiting for Zhang, A profile of the recipient, film director Zhang Yimou.


The National Gallery

Looking for the Story, exploring art as social history within the museum collection.


Veria Network

What’s the Alternative,  a 26-episode talk show profiling the latest trends and newsmakers in alternative health and lifestyles.


WSBE-TV Channel 36 in Providence with Sound Partners Community
Addictions in the Workplace: the Price We All Pay, The neurobiology of substance

abuse and treatment options for employees.

Mass League of Community Health Centers

Women’s Health Group at Boston Medical Center 

The need for additional cancer screenings for HIV positive women.


Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts



Pretty Well Fed Up, America's Sit In Movement

Communities in Action, Greensboro and Boston

A live forum on civic action, drawn from the examples of community activists.


The Smithsonian Museum of American History

Within These Walls, a live three part series detailing the history of a three hundred year old house from Ipswich Massachusetts.



National Science Teaching Association Awards Gala


International Rescue Committee, Boston

  • IRC Voices Program, Curriculum and speaker program for Public Schools

  • Refugee Women, an orientation video for newly arriving refugees

  • Somali Teens, a training peice for educators.

Governor's Highway Safety Bureau

  • PSA campaign on safety belt usage

  • Child Passenger Safety video


MADD Massachusetts

  • Teen Youth Summit, profile of participants creating policy for underage drinking initiatives for presentation to state legislatures.


Star Schools

  • Teacher as a Change Agent, a professional development series
    modeling best practices.

  • Pathways, a five part series for teens modeling school to work programs
    and detailing careers in the Arts, Business and Technology, Health, Law, Government and Education

  • Story Circles, a web site epilogue to 'A Hope in the Unseen'



  • Bully, bi-lingual Companion Video, health and literacy curriculum on
    bullying for middle schools







New England Center for Investigative Reporting


The Discovery Channel/ Tiger Tigress Productions

Trial by Chorus, a 6 part series detailing the lives of 22 Boston teens from their first rehearsal to their final performance.


The Food Network

Chefography/Weller Grossman Productions, Producer


The Early Show, Producer


Inside Edition, Producer


Backstage, Writer


DNC Coverage, Fixer


Scarborough Country, Producer



WGBH, Boston

Gavel to Gavel

Simply Ming, Associate Director


Fox TV Boston
Associate Director


WHDH Boston
Associate Director


Hearst Television
American Baby, Production Stage Manager


The Monitor Channel
Associate Director


In House Promotional:


Migis Hotel Group


Clark Shoes


Four Seasons Scottsdale: James Beard House Dinner with Chef Mel Mecinos


Historic Boston INC.


Beacon High School



I started working on We Are She in response to the building polarization I saw in the United States and elsewhere. I wanted to explore if given the opportunity to hear each other out could we agree to disagree and still find common ground.

All of the women featured in the documentary series came to me via six degrees of separation. In each location one woman I knew led me to the others. 

I had no idea at the time that I started how much more difficult it would become to find our common ground as events played out in the future. 

Here we are in 2021 trying to make sense of the election result divisions that led to an insurrection at the U.S. Capital, a military leadership governing Egypt and France, along with the rest of the globe, trying to overcome a pandemic and all of it’s consequences.  It's time to revisit the women we've met and bring others into the discussion.  


At this point this series is self and crowd funded. I hope you will consider making a donation using the link below. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Help us break down barriers and gain greater understanding of how women from across the globe think about the issues we are all facing in this perilous time. I really believe that now more than ever it's essential to keep the conversation going. 


Please forward this website to anyone you think may be interested - via email, social media, word-of-mouth, message

in a bottle sent out to sea  . . . whatever works for you!



Sacha Shawky

NobleHeart Productions



Please help us to bring We Are She to series by donating to our GoFundMe campaign.

No dollar amount is too small.

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